Laura North, Founder

Laura Speaking Out website

I founded Speaking Out in 2009 after many years of successfully avoiding most forms of public speaking.

Some years ago I wanted to enter a business competition. When I found out I had to present the idea in front of a crowd, I quickly shrank into the background. It struck me then: How many opportunities am I missing because I avoid public speaking? Pitching ideas, speaking in big meetings, presenting my work at events. The list is long. And the truth is: if you speak, then you get noticed.

But it was the fact that there were lots of other people in the same position that made me want to do something about it. So I organised the very first Speaking Out event in February 2010. It’s grown from there and we’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them develop speaking confidence and skills, and find their authentic voice. We’ve also won a Future100 Award and an UnLtd Award.

The plan is for Speaking Out to help people get more comfortable and confident speaking in public, so we can make the best of all the opportunities that come our way.


Our team of expert facilitators are at the core of making Speaking Out so effective. They combine being friendly and supportive with extensive experience running communication skills workshops both with Speaking Out and with other organisations.