Speaking Out in Technology

Tuesday 23 November
With the London Girl Geeks and sponsored by Sense Network.

An event for the Girl Geeks to help them make the most of opportunities in the technology sector, by improving skills and confidence in public speaking. There was food, drinks and networking afterwards.

Topics included:

* Practical tips for feeling comfortable and confident
* Controlling nerves
* Common fears and how to deal with them
* Experiences specific to the technology sector
* Speaking in male-dominated contexts
* Speaking in meetings, making presentations, speaking or asking questions at conferences, pitching business ideas
* How to be an effective and compelling speaker

The event was available at no cost thanks to the generosity of the Sense Network.


Claire Lee, Developer Evangelist, Emerging Business Team, Microsoft

Margaret Gold, Innovation & Business Launch Specialist, Gold Mobile Innovation Ltd

Margaret GoldMargaret Gold is an innovation and business launch specialist who provides hands-on services to those growing or launching new businesses in the mobile industry. Margaret is also one of the organisers of Over the Air a grass-roots mobile developer event.

She is currently working with Imperial College to launch the Mobile Applications Centre. Before that, she worked with Vodafone to design, launch and grow their Betavine mobile developer community. Margaret’s career in innovation started at Edengene, where she worked with FTSE 100 companies to invent, develop and launch new products and services to market.

Christian Heilmann, Developer Evangelist, Yahoo!

Chris is a prolific speaker and an inspiring example of how to be a great public speaker while being yourself. He’s been a Web Developer for almost 10 years and is currently a developer evangelist for Yahoo! which means he travels around the world speaking about his work.

His list of speaking engagements would make even the most seasoned and confident speaker shake with anxiety, even if only due to lack of sleep and jet lag.

Chris has got many practical ideas about how to engage an audience, ways to reduce pressure on yourself as a speaker and, most of all, how to be yourself.

He was voted Most Inspiring Speaker in the Slideshare Zeitgeist competition 2009. He wrote his first book because he was bored on the tube, and he’s written a chapter about how to make a good presentation as part of his Developer Evangelist book.

Read more at Christian’s blog.

Watch Christian’s presentation to find out why his hair is the secret to his speaking skills.

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