Speaking Out at Sense

The first Speaking Out event Public Speaking Made Easy took place at Sense Loft in Soho, London on Wednesday 10 February 2010.

The event was sponsored by Sense Worldwide and Imagination, with 52 people attending, primarily women from a wide range of professions (see the attendee list), with the event selling out in three days.

It was a very relaxed and informal evening. The event was organised by Laura North, with speakers David Bell, Katie Streten and Christian Heilmann sharing tips on how to cope with nerves, how to be a better public speaker, and how to be yourself.

Read the blogs from some people who were there.


David Bell, Wealth Structuring Specialist, Merrill Lynch
Public speaking in different contexts

David spoke about various settings for public speaking, from a small meeting to a big conference, and shared his suggestions on how to be a good speaker.

Watch David’s video or see the presentation slides

Katie Streten, Head of Digital Strategy, Imagination
Reasons not to like public speaking

Kate talked about common fears, how to deal with them and practical tips for making a good presentation.

Watch Katie’s video or see the presentation slides

Christian Heilmann, Developer Evangelist, Yahoo!
How to inspire as a speaker

Christian talked about how to make the audience the centre of attention, the power of his hair and how to be yourself.

Watch Christian’s video or see the presentation slides

Drinks at Public Speaking Made Easy:

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