Speaking Out works with organisations, particularly universities and colleges, to help people develop presentation skills and confidence.

Laura North, the Founder of Speaking Out, has undertaken extensive research into the best methods to do this, including a Teaching and Professional Fellowship at the University of the Arts London. She has also won a UAL Teaching Award, Future 100 Award and UnLtd Award for her work.

Speaking Out offers effective workshops and programmes to help students feel more comfortable with speaking in front of groups, at the same time as developing essential skills for enterprise and employability.

We also provide strategic planning and implementation to embed these skills in the curriculum, including training existing staff at universities and providing online training support so the programme is sustainable and cost effective.

Workshops include:

Public Speaking Confidence — A workshop that gives students a chance to work on public speaking skills for employability purposes by preparing, practicing and giving and receiving feedback from their peers.

Group Presentation Skills — This workshop works well for students who are doing assessed group presentations or speaking about a joint project

Presentation Practice Run — A workshop with panel of people who give feedback on individual presentations, which is good for small groups of students who need a practice run

Video Presentation Skills — This workshop develops video presentation skills, which helps students develop video business pitches and speaking to camera skills

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