The Dreaded Limelight


I had my cue cards ready and I practiced until I was blue in the face, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I just wanted to have it over and done with. Surprisingly I was more excited than nervous. It’s always interesting to see what others think of what you do, especially when they have the same interests and are going through the same degree as you.

It was the moment of truth, my tutor called my name and it was my turn to stand there and talk about me. When I noticed I left my cue cards on my seat. With a second spare it was fight or flight – I ran to my seat and grabbed my cards at which I hardly used, but it felt more like a comfort blanket. My slides (see below) prompted me to talk about certain points, I had no writing on my slides and I just wanted them to be pictorial as my commentary should be enough.

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After attending a fair amount of workshops for Public Speaking, I decided to go with the tips from my latest workshop held by Academy at the Hub and was hosted by Jude Clayborne (see previous blogpost here). It was a very relaxed, casual talk as the audience were all students. I used the energy and feel of talking to a really good friend which I realised seemed to relax me and allowed me to speak freely and comfortably which I discovered at my latest workshop thanks the Jude.

The talk went swimmingly and even had some students approach me after the talk to ask some questions as well as advice. I think i really need to remember the next time I’m asked to do a bit of public speaking or am shoved unexpectedly into the limelight that It’s really not that terrible and they’re not wolves and they aren’t going to eat you.

Me 1 – Wolves 0.

The Three P’s

I have been asked to talk at a lecture for 10 minute about my year working in the industry- Que Presentation preparation, panic, and practice.

For the past year I have been on a sandwich course which allowed me to pursue internships within the creative industry. Being apart of this sandwich course was a big deal for me, I applied to London College of Communication for Graphic and Media Design because I saw that they had an option to undertake a year of work. There is nothing more I wanted than to move away from part time retail and work where my heart, thoughts and skills lie – Graphic Design. Above are some photos from my year in the industry.

This year was no where near an easy feat. I had to go head to head with graduates and apply for the same internships that they were. The year was a roller coaster of emotions as rejection and unanswered emails were a daily thing. However I used these experiences to better my cover letters and interview skills.
Tomorrow I am to present to a lecture hall full of  2nd year degree students and show them how working a year in industry has benefited me as a person and as a designer. The presentation is timed to 10 minutes and I will be presenting along with my peers that also undertook this course. I have only had 3 days to prepare (and panic a little) but wish me luck!

See how it went here.

Let me intruduce myself

Hello people of the internet, my name is Kristine Omandap. I am the Communications Officer, I help manage Speaking Out’s various Social networks as well as attend events on behalf of the Company and write about them in our blog. I am a Graphic Design student in my final year who has recently finished working for a year in the creative industry.

My relationship began with Speaking Out events because of my habit for cowering behind others, keeping my lip buttoned or pretty much to do anything to avoid speaking in public.

My particular difficulties seemed to lie within situations in which what I am saying holds any sort of importance, be it a graded presentation, a pitch to a client or even raising my hand to ask a question within a lecture hall. Being a young Graphic Designer (soon to graduate) I feel that it is important to better my skills in public speaking as pitching against other creatives is a very real possibility when doing that all important thing that is earning money, acquiring employment and meeting clients.

Speaking Out has helped me enormously. Do not get me wrong, I am not fully ‘cured’ I still have qualms with speaking publicly in front of others. However, working with Speaking out has allowed be to understand and remember key things which help me to contain my fears and keep my gestures to something positive. I am still working towards becoming better at Public speaking, but It’s something that only gets better with practice. (Que quickened heartbeat)