The Three P’s

I have been asked to talk at a lecture for 10 minute about my year working in the industry- Que Presentation preparation, panic, and practice.

For the past year I have been on a sandwich course which allowed me to pursue internships within the creative industry. Being apart of this sandwich course was a big deal for me, I applied to London College of Communication for Graphic and Media Design because I saw that they had an option to undertake a year of work. There is nothing more I wanted than to move away from part time retail and work where my heart, thoughts and skills lie – Graphic Design. Above are some photos from my year in the industry.

This year was no where near an easy feat. I had to go head to head with graduates and apply for the same internships that they were. The year was a roller coaster of emotions as rejection and unanswered emails were a daily thing. However I used these experiences to better my cover letters and interview skills.
Tomorrow I am to present to a lecture hall full of  2nd year degree students and show them how working a year in industry has benefited me as a person and as a designer. The presentation is timed to 10 minutes and I will be presenting along with my peers that also undertook this course. I have only had 3 days to prepare (and panic a little) but wish me luck!

See how it went here.

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